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  1. spontanious to OSLO for a day

    Date 01 Sep 2015
    i just kind of jumped on the plane and took off for 2 days. it was fun.

  2. märtha

    Date 01 Sep 2015
    we are all so proud

  3. double trouble

    Date 01 Sep 2015

  4. belly- shooting norrköping

    Date 01 Sep 2015
    such a nice scenery, lovely sofie and a sunset. good luck

  5. sneak peak at double family-shooting

    Date 01 Sep 2015
    this was so wonderful. 2 sisters with their familys. 4 cousins and one great sunny day. thanks for making me a part of this memory.

  6. sneakpeak at anna and simon´s wedding

    Date 17 Aug 2015
    i wish you two all the best and the most of fun

  7. Li + Mattias

    Date 03 Aug 2015
    archipellago wedding in stockholm. One of the most beautiful places. wishing you all the best.

  8. Sana´s wedding

    Date 16 Nov 2014
    beautiful wedding at stadshuset stockholm

  9. sneak peak wedding sandra and peter

    Date 22 Oct 2014
    finally editing sandra&peters wedding

  10. sneak peak - playground

    Date 31 Aug 2014
    photoshoot at the playground - lots of fun, a bit of autumn and some great pictures

  11. 1-års kalas

    Date 20 Aug 2014
    liten sneak-peak på bilderna från KAK-frossan…

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